ViewBug community member Seamerias is lucky enough to close to the beach in Carlsbad California and her pictures reflect that. Enjoy our conversation and learn the tips and tricks behind her inspirations. Enjoy!

1. I love photography because... It has been my main outlet of creativity since the age of 4. Back in the film days it felt like Christmas morning every time I'd open a freshly developed pack of prints to see what I'd captured. As a kid, the ability to stop time and the suspense of seeing the prints is what hooked me. Now at 33, it's still my favorite creative outlet and since we've gone digital I love being able to share the subjects I find beautiful with people who may not be able to see them otherwise.

2. My camera lets me... Freeze moments we can't process with the naked eye. I love capturing the ocean water and freezing those waves you'd just scan over when looking at in person. Seeing the intricate details of the foam allows me to appreciate the complex beauty of each wave and since they're never the same, it provides endless possibilities.

3. I find inspiration when... I’m outside. I’ve experienced lulls where I’d try to find inspiration by browsing images online, reading books or listening to music and it felt forced. The thing that never lets me down is getting outside in the fresh air and watching life happen. Whether I have my camera with me or not, getting out there for a hike, walk or bike ride gets me inspired to shoot again and try for new angles or locations I hadn’t tried before.

4. One of the photos I am most proud of is...

I was shooting Boris (my glass rock) and the wave shot off of him so perfectly to create this beautiful sweeping motion around him. Since I shoot my wave shots with either a 28mm or 50mm I’m always pretty close and at this moment instead of backing away and saving my camera and myself, I kept shooting and it really paid off. Right after, I looked at my camera roll, picked up Boris and left. There was no way I was going to out-do that shot that evening so I wasn’t going to push my luck and try.

5. My favorite place to shoot is the beach because... It is always the same and you can count on it to give you what you want but at the same time it’s always changing. No two waves look alike and no two sunsets are ever the same. Sometimes I feel like I can’t possibly get another unique angle of the waves or beach but then I go to sunset anyway, start shooting and 9 times out of 10 I leave happy with what I’ve shot.

6. One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is...

It makes me feel: Appreciative. I love owls and I think Niki is awesome at capturing them in their natural habitats. I know it takes a lot of patience that I don’t have myself. I never tire of her owls.

7. One of my favorite photographers on ViewBug is Byrnephotography...

Sean is an amazing photographer who pays great attention to detail and has proven his ability to shoot a variety of genres. His landscapes never fail to inspire (and make me want to travel to the UK) and his portraits exude a depth that is important in portraying character to the viewer.

8. These are 3 quick tips I’d like to share with fellow photographers:

1. Cover your angles. If you’re always shooting standing straight up, try bending down closer to the ground (or object) for a new perspective.

2. Your lens is more important than your camera. If you think your camera isn’t producing the quality of images you want, try a new lens. The lens is what makes a world of difference.

3. . Try shooting only in black and white for a while to train your eye into seeing the light and shadows around you. B&W is unforgiving. If you master your B&W your color images will be amazing.

9. One photo that was difficult to shoot was...

The beach is windy and these tiny leaves wanted to fly away! Trying to line five dry leaves up without breaking them and before the water came to claim them was challenging.

Attempt these kinds of shots only during low tide when the waves aren’t so volatile. Watch the water pattern for a few minutes before setup. See where the water comes up and set up on the edge of the highest point. Depending on the tide schedule, if the tide is going out and you set up on the highest point, it shouldn’t quite reach that area again. If tide is rising, watch for the highest wave to go back out, commit and hustle. Lol. There are usually a few sets of waves before another high one comes to steal your goods.