ViewBug community member jasondarr started his photography adventure after being in the music business for over 20 years. Read the inspiring conversation below and award the images that move you...

Brandywine Balls (Falls) by jasondarr

I came from a creative background. I was in the music business for over 20+ years. When I gave that up, I was starved for an outlet. I tried my hand at many things, and used every opportunity with the business that my wife and I own to try and exercise my creative side. After stumbling on photography by chance, I was immediately hooked. I bought a new camera, several lenses and began exploring different types of photography. After a very short experimentation period, I was drawn to landscape photographers like Ted Gore, Ryan Dyar, Erin Babnik, Ian Plant, Kurt Budliger, and Tom Hill to name a few. Since then I have been obsessed with it.

Moraine Lake by jasondarr

My camera lets me explore new things/areas/experiences etc. There are so many things I would not have done, seen experienced had I not be drawn to photographing these scenes. I am inspired by everything, but what really inspires me is getting my ass kicked. Nothing makes me work harder at getting better than seeing others absolutely kill it.


One of the photos I am most proud of is “Brandywine Morning Mist”. I like this one a lot because it is a scene that is shot often, but the conditions in my image were a bit rare. A beautiful sunrise, coupled with some hanging mist. The composition came together for me as well as I have shot this area many times. The edit really helped me express what I experienced yet allowed me to define a bit of an artistic approach.

Brandywine-Morning-Mist-1573-Edit-copy by jasondarr

My favorite place to shoot is Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park. It is hands down my favourite scene to shoot. The scene is constantly changing, due to really long tide lines, sweeping landscape features and the potential for some incredible light/weather possibilities make this place undeniable.

2nd Beach Moonlight by jasondarr

One of my favorite photos on ViewBug is "Waterfall portrait" by ovi_craciun.  I absolutely love the sense of scale and power captured in this spot. As it is black and white, it was not reliant on crazy light conditions to make it an amazing photo. This is artistic yet simply presented. That’s a tough balance for many.

waterfall portrait by ovi_craciun

Three tips for fellow photographers:

1. If you are going to process, do it well. Or keep it subtle. It’s very easy to ruin a perfectly good photo by allowing your processing to overtake your image.
2. Look at other people’s work - especially those you admire or think are better than you. This gives you goals and focus.
3. Practice. This is the one thing that will make you better no matter what.

Mystery Lake Sunrise by jasondarr

My favorite item in my camera bag is currently my Canon 5D Mark IV. If I could shoot one dream location it would be Iceland because it seems unreal there. The images that come from Iceland remind me of another planet - Would love to experience it one day.

Mount Assiniboine Sunset by jasondarr

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