Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing waterfalls in the Beautiful Waterfalls Photo Contest with chances to win a Fujifilm X-T1 Camera and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Even Tryggstrand for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Landscape Photographer specialize on Northern lights photography. Enjoys traveling around and shooting the Scandinavian countries. Even is 34 years old and settled in Tromsø, Norway.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "MovingWater11 " by lddove

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Waterfall " by AndyMaraloi

Congratulations Runner Up "Nunobiki Falls " by carmenioneanu

Congratulations Runner Up "Skogafoss Torch and lights " by Prive

Congratulations Runner Up "Flumen waterfall " by patrice-vallet

Congratulations Runner Up "Half_Moon_Godafoss_Iceland" by gilesrrocholl

Congratulations Runner Up "the amazing bruarfoss" by Angus80

Congratulations Runner Up "Green & Grey" by Mil8ant

Congratulations People's Choice "The water curtain" by snapshopped

"Magical moments" by TrueNorthImages

"Sol Duc Valley" by James_J

"Hidden Treasure" by CMRT84

"Chasm Falls" by joshtagi

"Welcome to Hawaii " by Keolathelife

"Taughannock" by markpapke

"Haifoss sunrise" by madspeteriversen

"Magic Forest" by julecho

"Fall Colors " by tonybendele2017

"NVP-Babcock State Park-Autumn 2014" by fifer1812

"The Horseshoe Falls" by MarvinEvasco17

"Catawba River Falls Closeup" by mrjcall

"Rainbow Falls" by terryc

"Whisper of the Carpathians" by oksanavashchuk

"Icelandic Waterfall" by Andre11

"Fall in Iceland" by CherylO

"Upper Jonathan Run Falls" by KennethKeifer

"Bruarfoss " by TMAtelier8

"Laatefoss waterfall, Odda, Norway" by fthorsen

"Brandywine-Morning-Mist-1573-Edit-copy" by jasondarr

"Silver Falls State Park" by chipbhi

"The Arrival" by Vanexusphotography

"into the nature" by joecas

"Kirkjufellfoss sunrise" by wildlifemoments

"Stair Steps" by garyhunter_6788

"Presence" by FredGramoso

"The Shepherd, Glen Coe, Scotland" by shahbazmajeed

"*** Stand Up N Get Counted ***" by shutterchemistry

"Mighty Skogafoss" by Mbeiter

"Mile High" by WendyHudnall

"Seljalandsfoss" by Rodrigueelhajj

"Yosemite Fog" by diversionphotography

"waterfall" by chris-herzog

"K02A1607-Edit" by Ennanjay

"Little waterfall" by fabriziopiroddi

""Constant"" by Kaisaleephotography

"Katterskill Falls Night" by kylebarden

"Fairy Falls" by DreamCapturedImages

"Sgwd yr Pannwr Waterfall" by Stephen-Blake-Photography

"Müllerthal" by Fannie_Jowski

"Kirkjufell" by James1970

"Cascade Falls Close 2016" by DrewDesharnaisPhotography

"Hopetoun Falls" by stormgirl1960

"Canyon Waterfall" by KendraKPK

"Force of Nature" by andreacelli

"Dog Slaugter Falls" by VictoriaBullock

"Misty Falls" by danielnamdari

"dark waterfall" by fotofrankyat

"Horseshoe falls-1" by paullambourne

"Welsh Waterfall " by jeffmsc

"upper minneopa falls" by tazzzer62

"Trolls and The Skógafoss, Iceland" by patrickmarsonong

"Skógafoss" by HeidaHB

"The best night of my life" by jamiemacisaac

"Iceland Waterfall" by stuarthowarth

"Crescent 7098 " by b2bjacks

"Naturaleza " by josedevesa

"1-7-17 Rangarbing 3 " by jimoconnor

"Secret Falls " by CrowFoxCarol

"Kanara Falls " by JeffAlexander

"Let there be water " by albertoalvaro

"rosenlaui wasserfall " by CmoonView

"Views " by simalg05

"lost creek falls " by JStokkaDesign

""Kingdom" " by ericbennett

"Mulafossur waterfall " by strOOp

"Silver Needle " by DavidMBuckwalter

"Bridal veil" by alexandrudinulescu

"Natures Icicle Curtain" by ChristineCHess

"Bridge to Paradise" by bpidala

"Rush" by kurtistoikka

"Blaen-y-glyn " by Jonas2112

"Multnomah Beauty!" by jeffzenner

"Toroan" by haryosuryo

"Kayakers at Silver Falls" by AMills