Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos of owls in this photo contest with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 macro lens and more!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner ""Soft Landing" " by timharding

Congratulations Runner Up "LOOK ! " by Dragos_Pop

Congratulations Runner Up "Great grey owl in the rain " by AndreSecours

Congratulations Runner Up "*** IN THE RAIN *** " by DREAMCHATCHER

Congratulations Runner Up "DSC_8206 Barn Owl in heather 2 2017 " by Cinderellastory

Congratulations Amateur Winner ""There's Always THAT one!" " by mariaserrano

Congratulations People's Choice "Huh? " by meganlorenz

"Spotted Owlet " by avkash

"Winter Ghost " by HarryC

"Suspicious! " by Joecf

"Owls in love " by lesarnott

"Snowy owl 1- " by etrdryzt

"fly-by " by bridgephotography

"Snowy Owl " by Dano351

"All fluffed up " by Tawalk

"Great Grey Owl " by rollandgelly

"Great Horned Owl " by PhilipYale

"Snowy owl blast-off " by JimCumming

"Coming into land " by spiritdarco

"IMG_20180604_100156_622 " by RobbieRR

"Barn Owls " by Jaspa

"Snowy day Great Grey Owl " by stevenrose

"A pair of baby burrowing owls just after sunrise. " by smkeena

"Eagle Owl Staring " by Sporter

"Young Great Horned Owls " by josephleduc

"Barred Owl at 8 Weeks Old " by keithhgriffin

"So nice! " by ladyvet

"18056165_1470480232984271_4507179553858989295_o " by judyzimmer

"Shy Eyes " by christosmit

"The Great Grey " by gfobert

"Northern Saw Whet Owl " by mosesimages

"Unfolding " by Bevysue

"Brown Fish Owl " by SumonSinha

"Great Grey on a Snowy Day " by BruceLeventhal

"Barred Owl " by MitchellWentzell

"The Stare " by agnish

"Inquisitive " by NedBurrell

"Perfect Pose " by MartinaKi

"Snowy owl turning after spotting prey. " by Northern_Comfort

"Peek " by CutsnShoots

"FAVORITE OWL2 " by rexnet

"Eagle owl " by MattGould

"Sound of Silence " by uwegibkes

"Owl " by rpgdepictions

"La Abuela Piku y la Tia Margarita " by MarioFiorucci

"Wee owl " by edgarbasmakov

"Owl in flight " by Pschlife

"Angelic Owl " by natosed


"Those Eyes " by GetRealJC

" Emotional Burrowing Owl " by AnitaHogue

"Screech Owl in the Snow " by tracymunson

"Widget " by garyrhook

"Wise One " by amyholley

"Focused " by alanwsmith

"Tawny Frogmouth Fledgling " by emmafleetwood

"Angry owl " by Kamstrup

"Quiet Time " by regwiest

"Spotted Owlet " by RobbieRoss

"Great Horned Owl - Bubo virginianus " by garrettterry

"Owl City " by CharlieMcMahon

"Owl " by marthab063

"little owl in hole in tree " by spicspics

"OWL " by alekseisolovjov

"Eagle Eyed Owl " by Trishkochphoto

"Little scops owl angel " by TaraWillow

"Eastern Screech owl (adult male) " by wklein

"I'm Serious! " by Powerkey

"Pair of spotted owls " by sunilkumar_5584

"Wild look " by Sergio_Saavedra

"Owl Couple " by ruebusch

"Southern White faced Owl " by GWorks

"Baby owl " by kuritoafsheen

"Owl Eyes " by RikWriter

"Owl & snow " by VDPFreelancer

"Asian barred owlet's stare... " by bhanukiran9

"Dwarf Owl " by kspindley

"Chouette eperviere " by mafe

"Ruffled " by bobfriesen

"Great Gray Owl " by RejeanBiron

"Owls ? " by sallycampbellclark

"Portrait of an Owl " by salvumizzi

"owl " by susieromano

"Great Grey Owl " by wenchemyhre

"Great Gray Owl - Chouette lapone - Strix nebulosa (D72_4900-1F-20170220) " by Michel_Sansfacon

"The old Gray Owl " by urbanrundblom

"Hawaiis Bird of Prey " by LeightonLum

"Barn Owl " by LPonTour-ErikaValkovicova

"Ready to strike " by Dickiebird

"Screech Owl 3 " by DeadEye

"Sad owl " by Jan_Zajc

"The Intense Eyes of the Northern White-Faced Owl " by jamesadey

"Eastern Screech Owl " by jamesjohnston_3471

"Feathered Family Photo " by TheRogueToad

"Screech Owl " by Kurobom

"Its best angle " by amaurierazphotography

"Eastern Great Horned Owl " by briandrourr

"Little Owls in love " by vjose

"Head-Tilt " by SteeleBirdie

"_DLS0551 " by CatsNCameras

"Great Horned Owl " by RhettHerring

"Gorgeous Owl " by MarkHouldridgePhotography

"Screech Owl On The Nest VS7A3799 " by scotthelfrich

"Eyes For You_MG_0006_ViewBug_2048 " by CurtPeters

"Owl in Central Park " by SandyPictures

"Acorn " by josephrotford

"Owl " by ellu

"Little Owl " by RuudMooi

"Best seat in the house " by SimonArron

"The Little Owls - Family Portrait " by danshachar

"Satisfied " by Eddieuuu071

"Short Eared Owl " by alangriffin

"Curious little owl " by fabriziolutzoni

"Shields Up " by scottdere

"Little Owl " by rd66

""Hawk Watch" @ Wildlife Research Institute in Ramona, CA " by markkrause

"Great Grey Owl " by mdonnan

"Tawny Owl " by neilmcdonald

"Spotted eagle owl chick © Brian Basson Photography. " by BrianBasson

"Screech Owl Calling " by mattcuda

"Shortie 4 " by edhendricks

"Burrowing owl " by bry67

"Stunning Young Barn Owl " by PicturePerfect5

"Eastern Screech Owl " by BarbMarszalek

"Fly by " by Gilbert

"spectacled owl " by nikkigatrell

"Eyes " by tomramsey

"Burrowing owl " by lynhope

"It's in the eyes " by DesiDrewPhotography

"wet " by Konti

"Baby Owl " by ericschaerphotography

"KEK_5665 " by Fotofile50

"Barnowl in flight " by Creative_art

"Pygmy owl " by KMHalaska

"Snowy Owl, head on " by DSCan

"C2-20-4-17 213 " by albelcourt

" " by andreysharonov

"Screech " by MichelleSherwood

"Frosty Owl " by thejerd

"P4180315 " by robinhill

"Owl " by ChrisIS

"Yellow Eyes " by Eunice1

"The Look of Love " by Bazz

"Three Owlets " by harryselsor

"Great Gray Owl " by ryansmith_4978

"_MG_8475 " by davewx

"LRM_EXPORT_20161231_093003 " by daviddaily

"P5261305 " by Radimecek13

"Little Owl " by sheilaivison

"Short Eared Owl " by WilyGuy

"Southern White Faced Owl " by chloemclellan

"Staring. " by MarieJordan

"Bengal Owl - Lilo " by RoCanon

"Burrowing Owl Brothers " by lindajoliver

"Owl call " by ThirdFacePhotography

"Burrowing owl " by radovanzierik

"Watching. First Snowfall " by LeGuilloux

"African Eagle Owl " by Chris_Russell

"Deep thought " by JonathanDurandPhoto

"Red Morph " by klukowski

"Saw-whet " by Andrewrunne1

"Landing " by matej007

"Peek-A-Boo " by MaryAnn49

"My shadow and me. " by KellyLemenPhotography

"European Eagle Owl " by samdownie

"IMG_2822-1 " by carolleather

"Feathered Majesty " by Heather_Sanders

"Doble owls " by lamonamelba

"Short-eared owl " by Jake_cedarridgeimages