Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Animal Faces In Black And White Photo Contest, sharing their best black and white animal portraits. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins an Evecase Convertible DSLR Camera Canvas Backpack .

"Creating powerful pictures in black and white can be challenging for many, as you cannot rely on color to express the message. You must be that much more cognizant of the light, tone and gesture to emote. With that in mind, there were many fine examples throughout the Animal Faces In Black And White Photo Contest. My hat's off to all who submitted. You made decision making tough, and I like that! The intimidating guerrillas, majestic lions, cuddly kitties, imposing eagles, eloquent equids and the rest of the animal menagerie were delightful to view." - Stacy L. Pearsall

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Stacy L. Pearsall for her collaboration as a guest judge. Stacy L. Pearsall got her start as an Air Force photographer at the age of 17. During her time in the service, she traveled to over 41 countries, and attended S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. The release of her first photography book, Shooter: Combat from Behind the Camera, received worldwide praise as "A book of the highest levels in the annals of combat journalism."

Congratulations People's Choice "Owl BW 1" by Mission_Man

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Just Chillin'" by tomrothery

"My clear favorite is "Just Chillin'" by tomrothery. The dog's smug face and body language truly imitates those of a human, while the human in the background mimics a dog's normal repose. It's a great juxtaposition. It begs the question, who's the master? Comical." - Stacy L. Pearsall

Congratulations Runner Up "March of the Norse" by ashleysowter

"The graphic nature of this image was what grabbed my attention initially. What kept me exploring was the element of nature imitating nature. To me, I felt as though I was under water. The clouds were like the ocean's surface and the flock of birds were like a school of fish. Very neat." - Stacy L. Pearsall

Congratulations Runner Up "Wolf Portrait in B&W" by JimCumming

"I'm a fan of this image for many reasons. The intensity of the wolf is apparent and the use of high-key further enhances the mood of the image. If I were to describe this image in one word, it'd be PURE. " - Stacy L. Pearsall

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Heart Shaped Face" by Andri_Iskandar

"Pixel" by alexlevine

"What's Up " by carolmaurerlyon

"Mandrill in B&W" by fidfoto

"Contented" by PaulN

"Baby Duck" by PHOTOHAPPY

"Casey" by cathysmart

"Angus Bull" by Soers

"The King" by HamishMitchell

"Falcon in B&W" by raguilo

"BRIGHT EYES!" by trisharandall

"Western Lowland Gorilla II" by abzerit

"Bald Eagle. mono jpg" by petelaw7

"Kloe " by RobinArts

"Old Fox" by njkerosky

"Zebra Portrait " by wildorchidphotography

"Meow" by aadnan

"Allegiance signed" by pansybrandtwinters

"Der Boss" by KoreaSaii

"Akili" by AnjaWessels

"Focus" by Jravi

"Little Dreamer" by rajkowski_photo

"Well hello!" by Dickiebird

"Tutlwa leopard" by jozi1

"Tiger Tiger" by ImagesByLouisa

"Leopard of The Mara #leopard #leopards #bigcats #bigcatdiary #GovernorsCamp " by SaminAlmaty

"What guy?" by AdCarreira

"Thinking2" by elfiedwards

"Face to face" by BOULENGER

"Keeping Watch" by darylchamlee

"IMG_8965" by andrewyates

"Thai Elephant" by fernandob

"Puppy Love" by traceytaylor

"image" by rewanick

"Finding Comfort" by NickBPhotography

"National Symbol of Freedoms Portrait" by MikeShero

"Look" by robertsijka

"Bighorn Ram near Cody Wyoming" by bryonworthen

"Suspicious" by natosed

"Myyyy Preeecioussssss" by carrieurdiga

"Big (Bad) Cat" by JADUPONT

"A Fistful of Kits" by petergreig

"giraffe" by ricklussi

"Leopards Yawn " by leonhugo

"Scoping Tiger" by graemin

"2" by Alexander_Sviridov

"Tiger portrait b/w" by rmr731

"Look of amazement " by GaryBridger

"My Feline Muse " by FotoCavallo

"Spray" by galsworth

"SOL_4558-E-BW" by amhalpern

"_DSC0442-2" by Mircea

"Mono Panda" by SteveCrampton

"The bull" by CaroMailly

"The Stare Down" by sabatesphoto

"Elephant" by LadyTeapotPhotography

"Fur" by jessicaeik

"Untitled" by adelecarne

"Vortical Bath" by peterkitanov

"Elephant March" by daveweber

"Keep Your Chin Up" by p_eileenbaltz

"Peaceful Polar Bear" by cristinmckee

"How many licks" by CoLDphotography

" Hummer Fluff in B&W" by anitahogue

"dartmoor pony" by phillticehurst

"In the critics" by Ulgaar

"perrito_viewbugcontest_DSC_8067-21" by yavenunez

"Lion" by radekgora

"blizzard" by dcharlesfolk

"bawler" by CreativeArtView

"Cute little pup" by lucafoscili

"DSC09344bw" by alef0

"His Eminence" by Henrik_Spranz

"Monkey in the rain" by ChristopherLH

"Watching You" by inge_vautrin

"The Rebel" by chmeermann

"Shadow" by JessicaJoy

"Monkeys" by antonjankovoy

"An African Queen" by mufasa74

"A Distinguished Turtle" by SamuelGillilanPhotography

"Haus " by katebonewitz

"Aus Lions" by je18hh

"Lion Portrait" by KellieNetherwood

"Lowland Gorilla" by heathermcfw