For this nature photo contest we invited you to share how you capture stormy weather with chances to win a Feiyu G4 Plus 3-Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal and more. From photos showing downpours and blizzards to images showing tornadoes, and monsoons. Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon.

"Industrial Heart Land " by Chris_Shepherd

"| P E R S E V E R A N C E | " by one7studios

"Storm over Lennox Head- Northern NSW " by dallasnock_photography

"Running from the Storm " by SaguaroPictures

"Wave crash " by blairwacha

"The Storm " by DeonG

"Strom Brewing " by kspindley

"The Fierce Shelf in Saskatchewan " by GunjanSinha

"Prairie Storm " by DonArsenault

"Surf's Up " by gerryiuppa

"A storm is coming " by prefered_photo

"tempest " by Pierre_F

"Triple shelf cloud " by suegraves

"Thunderstorm " by emmafleetwood

"Portugal " by Rebelsshots

"Storm of the Century " by extremalen

"The Sweetbriar Collection - Fantasy Edits Edition " by furious_skies

"8-28-19 (Lightning Stack Sky Harbor) 21-08 to 21-20 " by BryanSnider

" " by robinlomboy

"The Invasion " by adrian-borda

"Super Cell Storm Cloud " by wombatgirl51

"IMG_8303-Pano " by Dilleo22

"StormClouds " by rogerstelfox

"Storm Advisory " by Michael_Higgins

"Storm is coming_10 " by JacquesH60

"Nature's Fury. " by Dalecga

"Rainy season storm. " by pallenTh1

"Lightning on Lower Spring Creek " by BonZeye

"Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea " by WildEssence

"Captivated " by thurstonphoto

"Night Spark " by RetinaEcho

"The Sisters " by francislavignetheriault

"Storm crossing the mountains spikes " by petersvoboda

" " by janelewis_8846

"WEB-Summer Storm 54 " by lauragardner

"DSC_0006 Angry Clouds Before the Storm " by sherrieanglewilkie

"Windmill Storm " by PixelsByLaura

"Three Strikes " by michaelstephens

"Summer storm on Lake Livingston " by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY

"With poppies " by jansieminski

"One Way In " by JayDixonPhotography

"In the storm " by willysanson

"Storming the Beaches " by troymarcy

"Porthcawl Lighthouse " by AMBIENTLIGHT

" " by bikerbrat13

"To Fly, or, Not to Fly " by princess1

" " by lisadelcour

"The storm is coming " by rosbergphoto

"Coast Guard Light. " by DavidZulch

"Point Cartwright - Sunshine Coast, Queensland " by DeanYounger

"Summer storm (2) " by TendrelImages

"rainfront-2 " by JayBluhm

"Tormenta en Costa Quebrada " by pabloruizgarcia

"The Field " by pixadeleon

"The Coming Storm " by KirkB

"Getting stormy over Playa del Carmen, Mexico " by travel_with_jj

"DSC_6528 " by franklinabbott

"Stormy Weather " by stevehardiman

"Indian Shores Storm " by turboinc

"Angry Outburst " by skeeterarnold

"Avoiding The Storm " by krenny

"Ominous " by terryc

"Fury at Trabucador " by Carlos_Santero

"untitled-62 " by paulkendall

"Aberdeen Harbour Winter 2018_003 " by marks76

"Tornado Warning In Ohio " by donswingley

"Bolt out of the blue " by HENSHAW_photography

"Light spectacular " by gregbarber

"Incoming " by Mars_Infinite_Light

"Sit Back And Enjoy The Show " by MatthewKou

"Yellowstone National Park-12 " by Pegertler

"Matamata Countryside " by RChristian

"Texas Storm " by meluhnee03

"Cauldron " by IMIKEMEDIA

"Stormy sunrise " by KimTR

"#storm " by junglehammer

"FB_IMG_1557306110599 " by (A)craigweidman

"storm " by beverlylee

"On the Horizon " by Wyo_photography

"Something Stormy This Way Comes " by Wytchwynd

"Shelf cloud front " by (A)ales_neumeister

"ROAD " by (A)Pablo-Klik

"Shelfcloud In Landscape " by (A)Tai2055

"Horizon " by (A)tashawest

"20170502_185209-01 " by (A)Karlin24

"Nasty " by (A)snowbird16

"Amorphic Aether " by (A)ntgreen

"Clouds over Budir " by (A)wimdenijs

"Flash on the horizon " by (A)MarieJordan

"Supercell " by Okie_Bred

" " by (A)Speedracer2018

"Big Surf and Bad Skies " by (A)DanMac

"Willcox Blast " by Scopppock

"Peak-a-Boo " by jmurre

"Riding The Storm Out " by phil1

"Urban lightning " by FlorendoStudioArts

"Goldfinch in a blizzard " by (A)JackieT