Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best vacation or travel photos in this photo contest for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to join Trey Ratcliff at his New Zealand Photo Adventure during the springtime, October 16 - 20, 2017.

A big thank you to Trey Ratcliff for his collaboration as a judge. Trey Ratcliff is a world-famous Photographer, Artist, Writer and Adventurer. Trey’s images and stories capture the beauty of exotic travel destinations and the humor of the bizarre situations he often finds himself in. There is always something new, unexpected and beautiful to see at

"Alone - Running Faster " by (A)DanMac

"Monastery at Petra " by craigboudreaux

"Rakotz Brücke" by FrauGipp

"Vernazza" by Abdruecker

"Multnomah Falls, Oregon, USA" by tamjoske

"Hallstatt, Austria" by marcusburtenshaw

"Mount Moran" by jasonosborne

"Matterhorn before sunrise " by petrabischoff

"Monument Valley Rainbow" by frednewman

"Mount Taranaki" by mrlesterchan


"When God paint the world" by francescorusso

"IMG_4928" by (A)thewillanator

"Manarola Magic" by (A)aaronchoiphoto

"Blue Sky Slot" by michaelmarcoux

"The Hague, Netherlands" by RuudMooi

"Gimsoy church under polar light - Lofoten Norway" by mopimops

"L'arbe" by Fannie_Jowski

"Manarola by night" by SirDiegoSama

"Bow Lake Sunrise" by chadmcmahon

"Catherine's Palace Grounds" by FalconEyesPhotography

"IG New York-3" by wazza

"Empire State Building." by Rimbo

"Venice at sunrise" by (A)bennydecoster

"Pumori Peak" by mikefennell

"Manhattan Blue Hour" by LueSte

"Sunrise Magic" by MarvinEvasco17

"Anticipation - Sydney Harbour" by philipjohnson

"Eastbourne Pier" by MaxwellArtPhotography

"Waiting for the train" by bs-photography

"power of gold" by UrbanSamuraiCreative

"Monument Valley Sandstorm Sunrise V2" by skermy

"The Grand Dame" by jamesfanguy

"Girl of Datong" by jojofuchsch

"Welcome in my home" by karl_steinegger

"Paris Sentry" by Leepix

"Amazing Ice" by thomaszakowski

"Skogafoss" by moharrim

"Heaven on Earth" by winmagsino

"Maligned Lake's Majestic Serenity" by egorren

"Safe Harbour" by Vemsteroo

"Reflect" by tom_hackett

"Savièse relax" by JSimoes

"Light the way" by (A)joshuabeniston

"Magic Reine" by Renzo78

"Downtown Dubai." by LukasPetereit

"Mistyland" by gianlucapodest

"Soft light on Palouse Hills" by kathrynsklenakdannay

"untitled" by 9738_5709

"A Gift From The Gods" by ValeriyShcherbina

"LofotenFishermanVillage" by ofermaor

"DSC08121" by ovidiuminoiu

"Colors of Santorini || Oia, Greece" by aneeshkothari

"Grow through, what you go through" by (A)masmedialabs

"River" by michelarabbaglietti

"San Francisco " by Ivananosic

"Fell on black days" by outdoorphotodream

"Vivid Sydney '17" by Jimmmy03


"trollstigen" by hasmix

"Paris" by valentinadalia

"Old Bridge as Cold Winter Turns to Spring" by v-ball

"Moscow City" by klepikovadaria

"Leland February Horizontal " by b2bjacks

"Chiantishire " by mauriziomartini

"The Spaniard " by RobJDickinson

"Dutch Colors III " by martinpodt

"SPEEDING IN AMSTERDAM " by carl_doghouse

"Zebras in Samburu National Reserve Kenya Africa " by SusanBurroughs

"Lights in the Night " by frank-photography

"Silent Killer " by harryyoungimages

"Shapes of Lofoten " by Mbeiter

"~ Sardinian Cubism ~ " by Henrik_Spranz

"Boot on sunset " by vynce

"Canoes on Lake Louise " by fcornish

"The rising sun " by (A)prodaniel

"Blooms on the Basin " by RainaRae

"Bamboo Grove " by nelsonperez

"Autumn Reflection " by shaun_denholm

"The Famous spot of De Zaanse schans " by DennisartPhotography

"Autumn Lane " by Luca_DeGregorio

"Quayside Sunset. " by (A)michaelatkinson_5804

"Gullfoss Sunset " by Tor-Ivar

"Coal Mine Canyon " by Nomadiclensphotos

"Moraine Lake " by samciurdar

"Aurora Borealis have a river " by istominvitaly

"Great Wall of China " by alindinu

"Neuschwanstein. " by JuanPablo-deMiguel

"seal & iceberg " by (A)eddiecarn

"Autumn Eltz " by (A)vincentcroce

"Oia Village in the Evening, Santorini, Greece " by ansharphoto

"Winter's End " by andreacelli

"Bonneville Salt Flats " by johnknudsen

"Lok Baintan Floating Market " by (A)gerdiehutomo