shaunapalmquist September 23, 2013
this is brilliant.
Arzhtatiana September 29, 2013
Really nice!
SarahKeates October 02, 2013
Great shot!
elixer November 07, 2013
Just unique..... Love love love
Pixeltrek-Photography November 26, 2013
great shot!
susanbailey January 28, 2014
kathybergersutherland March 17, 2014
Great shot!
dalebutler April 04, 2016
jamiemackrill April 05, 2016
Uniqueness is great i love this :)
andrewfoster April 07, 2016
Love it!
rkrings2 April 12, 2016
What a treasure to get an iconic figure like this!!! Love it!!!
sandrakluwe April 25, 2016
This is truly amazing. Such a great shot!
ovosphotography June 10, 2016
like it!
tmusicmann August 28, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
Lesleyenky9 August 28, 2016
Hi loving the photo great shot been to Paris lovely city nice people no head for heights that's me well done
LaszloTheMango March 05, 2017
How did you get the cars to have little motion blur while the clouds to have more. It is a beautiful photograph but were the clouds that fast to capture so much motion in 1/200 second?

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Sep, 2013

Paris Sentry

Gargoyle sits atop Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris- on this day I climbed the 414 Stone Steps that wind up the Notre Dame Tower and out onto the Gallery of bigger than life Gargoyles. A great moment for my heart and soul. We danced till sunset. An immense joy for a humble photographer.

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