Not everyone has the opportunity to be at the right place at the right time, but when you do, having your camera ready can be the opportunity to capture that one shot no one will soon forget. Here are 6 reasons why courageous and daring photographers are more likely to share photos with the Wow factor:

Unique POV's

There are locations that provide amazing sceneries, although to reach these, you need a fearless spirit. Vertigo anyone? (do not try this at home).

@ Jacob Riglin

Majestic power is not in every corner

Mother Nature presents situations that are incredible to witness but are usually dangerous.

@ Larry Beard

A perfect landscape looks even better from above

A confident photographer is not 100% of the equation. Fit and sometimes gutsy is required to complete the task at hand.

@ James Rushforth

Not everything we want to photograph will be an easy nor safe encounter

Sometimes greed as a photographer results in searching for the ultimate thrills to capture what none or few have.

@ Tanya Houppermans

Photographers with the need for speed will get there first

The opportunity may arise when you can get additional tools (in this case, a flying personal pod) that allows you to shoot peaceful locations in extreme situations.

@ Gracie 423