Welcome Weekly is a curated series that spotlights and welcomes photographers that have joined Viewbug the last month. Make sure to scroll through and give the new members of Viewbug a warm welcome and a follow!

"Snowy Crater Lake" by julianalazzarini

"Riona" by Paige-Addams

"beach" by amila84

"John's Lane Church" by dmdiener

"Hornet" by mateicristianmarian

"Prague's Charles Bridge" by mclain

"6882A" by cipralexastefi

"Sunrise from Poon hill (3210m)" by dvanipenta

"Reach For The Stars" by AzuraPhotography

"butterfly farm 6 (1 of 1)" by JH23Photography

"Beautiful Light in the Morning" by blamelessartist

"Charlotte" by dirkrichter

"Twilight" by Hedde

"Jekyll Island 2014 Dritwood sunstar NO WMRK" by rivarologallery