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18 things we are thankful for:

1. All of you. Thank you for being with us during this special year; for your engagement and participation in the community! Thank you for sharing your creative view of the world through photography – thank you for teaching us, inspiring us and showing us the beauty around us.

2. Ice cream. A few things help make the good and the bad times better, ice cream never fails.

3. Family and friends. It's about the quality of the people that you appreciate and love you back.

4. Exploring nature. With an ever-changing beauty.

5. Diapers. We all have use them and oh boy, diapers are lifesavers.

6. Having a home. Wether you live in a tent or a mansion, having a place you call home is a blessing.

7. Drones. A new and accessible way to achieve imaginable shots.

8. Life. To enjoy the ride with the right attitude.

9. Our pets. For their unconditional love and friendship.

10. Swings. For making us smile and feel the wind.

11. Traveling. Take the time to visit your planet, with a unique and unmatched beauty.

12. Smoke bombs. For adding cool effects to our shots.

13. Encountering wildlife. Each and every single species is spectacular in its own way.

14. Underwater cameras. For allowing us to make dream-like photoshoots.

15. Being creative. Creativity keeps our life exciting and our imagination alive.

16. Laundry machines. For saving us a lot of time and make us smell better.

17. Camera equipment. The tools that allow us to capture our beautiful World.

18. Your Feedback. We are grateful for your feedback. You led us to build new photography tools to continue empowering the community. Thank you!