Beauty and Grace in Tempo by AnnuO
Great Blue Heron by the Green Lake by AnnuO
Snowy Egret Diving for Breakfast by PamelaYasminaParker
Little Grebe by Nicolascrown
Lesser Yellowlegs by Alwolfe
American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) at Sunrise by tonybruguiere
Elegia Classica by AnnuO
Duck in the water 2 by ChristyRStanford
Western Grebe by freelancejim
Admiring the reflection of me by AnnuO
My best shot ever by Mohan_photos
Western Grebe by mcampi
Muscovey Duck I by BirdingBill
Morning in the Marsh by nina050
Ibis Reflecting  by RMBphoto
The Flying Fishermen by nina050
White mute swan by Michaelmeijer
Waking on Daisies by AnnuO
Great Blue Heron by freelancejim
Pelican on the lake by danisleeth
Pelican on rock by michellebarnes
A Swan Gliding into the Sunset by AnnuO
Grebe on Nest in Morning Light by Lovesphoto
Yellow Legs Getting Ready to Look for Food by Alwolfe
The Anhinga by KayBrewer
Redshank by micHELL666
Puffins by iriswaanders
Common Kingfisher by AbinavManikantan
Killdeer_Hagerman NWR TX_DET0003 by DenisT
Photo  by EdieObscura
Perfect landing! by digitguys
Do not Disturb by Katjusa_Karlovini
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