Eagle by flexito3
white backed vulture by carolphillips_3334
Griffon vulture by AnjaWessels
Spat between Jackal & Vulture by ClintRalphPhotography
griffon vulture cold by flexito3
Hopscotch by Twilightgirl
His Eminence by HenrikSpranz
Missing by photosbydana
Flamingo by Sangur
Hawk used in falconry by Skykink
Cormorant by David-B
Beauty in Death by Madikwed
Kalahari Vultures by leonhugo
Catch me if you can by Carlos_Santero
Before El Condor Passa... Circus. Saint-Petersburg. by Andrew08
Rüppell's griffon vulture by alainmauviel
Menacing  by KIRWAN
Bearded Vulture by olesteffensen
Lappet-faced Vulture 2 by markcowne
Strike a Pose by Hood
Turkey Vulture 2 by DeadEye
"Don't be sad, buddy. Everything's going to be OK". The Vulture and the Trainer. Circus, St. Petersburg. by Andrew08
DSC04445 by alef0
griffin vulture 1 by Judy_zehentner
DSC03871 by alef0
The Vulture in the Circus, St. Petersburg. by Andrew08
griffon vulture by nikon1
Sniper portrait by NickSW
DSC09444a by alef0
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