keepclicking November 30, 2018
Truly stunning image
sandradhamel Jan 06
Beautiful! Where is this?
Bayou_Chic Jan 07
Nature at its fiercest! Excellent shot! Congratulations!
nannyD Jan 08
Wow great capture.
BigTime Feb 14
Great Pic

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Nov, 2018

Spat between Jackal & Vulture

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken at a private game lodge called Zimanga in northern Zululand, South Africa. There was a carcass with Vultures moving back and forth. Then this Black-backed Jackal came onto the scene and proceeded to start chasing the Vultures away. Some moved off but this one fought back. Ultimately the Vulture gave way.
I had been sitting in my hide from before sunrise waiting for the action to happen. This action took place just after sunrise.
I shot this image at the best time of the day, sunrise, while the lighting was still soft. The African sun can be quite harsh once the sun is up high. I was lucky that the Vulture's wing lifted high enough to let the sun fill its body and face.
I shot this image with the Canon 1DX MkII and the F4,5-F5,6 100-400mm lens using a tripod. No flash
I was busy taking shots of the Vultures feeding. When the Jackal arrived I prepared for something special knowing that the two species would take each other on. I followed the Jackal waiting for that moment and BAM, got it
Yes. I cropped the image, sharpened the subjects, softened the BG and enhanced the colours.
In my camera bag
All Canon 1DX MkII x 2 F4 600mm lens F4,5-F5,6 100-400mm lens Canon 1,4 extender Canon Flash Tripod
Patience, patience and more patience. And then be very alert with a quick trigger finger. Study your subject matter to learn its tell-tale signals and movements to pre-empt the action. Always check and adjust your exposure & settings on your camera as the light changes. And then pray for luck. Every good photographer needs luck to get that really magical shot

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