Young Polar Bear by emileabbott
Landscape textures.jpeg by robertcauty
 North Breath by Kuzhilev
Photographers adventure by emileabbott
Two Tundra Wolves by Lovesphoto
sunset in the winter forest by Kuzhilev
*  *  * by Kuzhilev
Tombstone Mountains, Yukon by artiste9999
I found a beautiful country road this afternoon!  The sun was hitting just right on the snow. by reh037
Arctic Fox Kit in the grass by JimCumming
Bad Water Death Valley, CA by paulbloch
Christmas tale by Kuzhilev
my profile by mlorenekimura
Caribou family by galsworth
Here's looking at you by mlorenekimura
Alpine Sunflowers by erinlink
 winter sunset on the tundra by Kuzhilev
Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) with pink nose closeup in a Canadian winter by JimCumming
Arctic fox kit (Vulpes lagopus) in the grass by JimCumming
The Start of Another Great Day by StevesPhoto
mountain color  by betsynorris
Harding Ice field Alaska by gospel120
Cross Neck Swans by Brently
Jotunheimen Valley by JudyHess
Bull Caribou by galsworth
Sunset over tundra by antonagarkov
Blissful evening on Kamchatka by antonagarkov
Northern Lights by Kuzhilev
Joyful Mountains by maxinebillings
An eagle flying over the tundra. by rolfnorge
I'm coming by mlorenekimura
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