Mother-and-son by MattBre
Iceland thermal pools by marksmith
Rusty Nature by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto
keeping warm by Johnsalterego
Yellowstone National Park by Sdonion
Wai O Tapu, Rotorua by Centrepiece
Hot spring, Yellowstone Park by iPhone5
Zebedee Springs by Ozscapes
Photographers Shooting Thermal Activity by FeatherstonePhotography
The Grand Prismatic Geyser by Beno62
07202008-012-1 by johannbjarnieinarsson
wai-o-tapu by hasmonaut
Artist's Palette  by Belfastgirl
Boiling Mudpot by stumac
Bison at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. by carol_bock_2299
AGL_1073_059 by chromepandit
Primordial Activity by tinasch
Mammoth Hot Springs 1 by Imageroom
Thermal Area by gaylesolis
Shooting on Steam by PeterWell
Yellowstone N.P (318) by Kaceoo
Thermal Area by gaylesolis
Thermal  Wonderland by Belfastgirl
 Forgotten time by MadHatter66
Steaming Pools On A Sunny Day by FGBerberArt
Thermal Creek by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto
Champagne Pool, New Zealand by alansmith_8240
Grand Prismatic Hot Springs by csibson
Lady in the Water by lensvoodoo
thermal pools, yellowstone by rosiewallace
Thermal Springs by marydel
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