Shield bug 3 by RRPG
Palomena prasina by Warlock
Green Shield Bug by pdkimages
Shield bug by davidroach
C R A Z Y C R E A T U R E S by WildCameraKevin
Wet Bug by fuzzyfelt30
IMG_2934- Sneaky Bug ... by denisenewman
Shield Bug by PhilMarsh
Bug in flower 2 by bygaddartanddesign
Green shield bug by AndreasCWSchmidt
Shield bug on a leaf. by gillianfloyd
shield bug by spicspics
Shield bug by lindabudd
Shield bug larva by PhilMarsh
Shield Bug by malcolmbowey
Birch Shield Bug by ManCorMac
Shield Bug Larae by nickrawsthorne
Taking a break. by Sefronia65
Shield bug with parasol by lesarnott
Green Shield Bug with a passenger by BobBrewer2016
SHIELD BUG  by WolfAvni
Shield Bugs Perch by TracyDeptuck
Yellow bug by petervizvari
Arlequin by philippeconstantin
on the curve by scruffyherbert
The lovers by MarineMP
Shield Bug by laurivirtanen
Licklespyda by chrisdyson
Thirsty  by michaelcorcoran
Shield Bug by annhealey
Shields Up Lads by Skutterdan