Uprooted Heart by AnnuO
How deep will you go by HappyMelvin
Life & Livingness.  by Clairvoyant_Photography
Bare Roots.  by AnneDphotography
Angkor Wat by kiramorris
Glass Roots by SHerrero
DSC_8769 by keilasdad
Little Treehouse by marcelbroek
Being Watched by sallygravener
Roots by Badskwrl
Sweet | Union Jack Editorial by jenmontgomery
Green by sallygravener
Deep Roots by Unseeing
I will make you sleep by HappyMelvin
edited023A2010 by gaylesolis
Sunrise in Fog by NaturalExposure
The "Posing Root" in YNP. by RobynC
A Rainy Day in Auckland IV B&W by Neoripley
Tree Roots Excavated By Flood Waters  (un-edited) by 1Ernesto
Back to its Roots by Curteye
Lake Cascade Sunset by Kaleekaloo
Pacific Root by keithviklund
All uphill  by AnneDphotography
Forest Dweller by colehouse
Roots by AnnuO
High and almost dry by SRDPhotography
Roots by lemute
Ta Prohm by Forrest_Brown
Sun Dance by cramerimaging
although I do not live here anymore, the memory of this place and those fiery mountains will forever be entrenched in my mind. by jipse_sol
Squeezed (Good and bad portraits) by GraemeCamera