Notre Dame fake long exposure by Arnau_Bolet
Paris by hanzunroj
Bastille day 2016 - We Will Stand United by joejukes
Notre Soleil by bitterer
Sunset over the Seine by Mikey_BiBi
Notre Dame Paris by dompinson
eiffel tower 11-11 by dompinson
Sunrise, storms and the silent Seine  by clifffawcett
Glass Palaces and Golden Waters  by Dana_Walker
Sunset over the Seine by Mikey_BiBi
Sunset over the Seine by Mikey_BiBi
Dark day in Paris by VladDzavik
Wildlife on the Seine by Mikey_BiBi
Mother & son 2 by Mikey_BiBi
EIffel tower 11-11 from Pont Grenelle by dompinson
The River Seine  by PhillipMinnis
Paris, Biblioteheque by dompinson
Along the River Seine, Paris  by CharlesPSchaefer
Paris from the Eiffel Tower by ferlong
Seine River Apartments by sergeramelli
Paris skyline by snowdon
Freckles #1 by benjoarwas
Pont Alexandre III by ChaninGreenPhotography
Nighttime cruise by Mikey_BiBi
A Night Scene in Paris by PhillipMinnis
Citi Seine by Mikey_BiBi
River Seine by Rabstout
Along the Seine, France  # 2 color   by CharlesPSchaefer
city of light-2 by albyn
Seine by belchertownphotos
France - Eiffel Tower and the Seine by jacobsurland
Pont du Gagliano (Left side) by Mikey_BiBi
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