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odin1066 Sep 10
a most excellent photo of the former spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral before the tragedy !!! ... that's a collector item picture to be sure !!!

Notre Dame fake long exposure

This picture is a composite of many selected shots that formed part of a timelapse (see it here: The clouds in the...
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This picture is a composite of many selected shots that formed part of a timelapse (see it here: The clouds in the sky and water correspond to 40 consecutive shots building a long exposure, whereas the rest of the background and foreground correspond to additional shots taken in a posterior time in the same day. The boat appears as captured in three different moments during the same sequence.
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Behind The Lens

This image (a composite of several shots, as it is explained below) was taken by the Seine river, in Paris. More specifically, I was situated at the bridge called "Pont d'Archevêché" facing the iconic Cathedral of Notre Dame. It is a quite touristic place, but you still can find a spot to place your tripod and get a view of from a less known, but still gorgeus, facade of the building.
As it is explained below, this image is a composite of dozens of shots that were taken along a period of time of about an hour around sunset. Thus, the sky shows the movement of the clouds because it captures a long lapse of time. The building and street come from a single shot that was taken later, once the lights of the streets were turned on. The boat in the middle of the river is shown in three positions recorded along its movement.
No flash, natural light. Just note that I kept the same apperture for the different shots, but I increased the exposure time as it got darker.
I used a Nikon D5200 camera with the kit lens (18-55mm VR II). I set up a tripod (a Joby Gorillapod) upon the bridge wall. I also used an external intervalometer.
This is, in my opinion, one of the most charming places in Paris, so I decided to shot my first timelapse there (you can take a look to the resulting video here However, after taking several hundred shots for the timelapse I also wanted to try to convert the video in a single image. I find the result quite interesting, but please feel free to comment!
Yes, converting dozens of images into one requires some post-processing. I realised that it was possible to simulate a long exposure by merging multiple shots of the sky, and build up a final image with a nice view of the cathedral and also several shots of one of the boats that appeared in the video. All used images were previously postprocessed (levels, colors, saturation and sharpening mask)
In my camera bag
I only own a camera (Nikon D5200) and three lenses: Nikon 18-55mm VRII; Sigma 105; and Tamron 70-300. As accessories I usually have in my bag a small tripod (Gorillapod), although I also own a heavy tripod that usually stays at home. Besides this, a couple of filters (e.g. a variable ND density filter for long exposures), extension tubes (for macros) and an external intervalometer (for timelapses).
In my opinion you need to know as many techniques as possible. There are two ways to obtain a good image: by shooting a common (or well known) subject in a different manner, or by shooting unusual subjects. In both cases it is important to know if an appropriate technique exist, and if it does, properly apply it. Try to apply this to any kind of shot you like (macro, landscape, cityscape...) and you will obtain interesting results for sure!

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