Rhododendron_closeup by laureenofscotts
Breathe by IanGastonPhotography
Rhododendron in Bloom  by JenFromCincy
red rhodo by richardkam
Elakala falls by EduardMoldoveanu
Lems Cameo_DM by KarlWilliamsPhotography
Rhododendron dance by antonjankovoy
Rhododendron by JanelleBPhotography
Blaue rhododendron by mkofo
rhodo by richardkam
Elemental Puzzle by davidrichterphoto
Dew Delight by JayneBug
Rhododendron by snowdon
Pink delight by sigridbh
Reaching Branches by snowdon
White Dress of Rhododendron by EloIm
Hint of pink by sigridbh
Power of pink from rhododendron  by tadulia
Reflections by snowdon
View by ludwigriml
Rhododendron Bud Macro by ChrisHallOxford
Serenity by timdevine
Mountain Laurel Blooms by Moatsville
Rainy Rho by Moatsville
Rhododendron bud by MalcTPhotos
Douglas Falls Plunge by KennethKeifer
Rhododendron by freew8
Rhododendron by rachelwalker_6062
Frozen rhododendron bush by lilred1990
Come Fly with Me by snowdon
red rhodo  by richardkam