Got m' Lunch! by Powerkey
Northern Pygmy Owl and shrew by michaelmarcoux
Pygmy Owl 2 by MossyRockStudio
Pygmy Owl by romeotaras
Northern Pygmy Owl by anitae403
Pygmy Owl by rhamm
NPO-1 by Ed_Nicholles
European pygmy owl by lukasschfer
Northern Pygmy Owl by I-See
The reaction from the pygmy owl when it sees me by samirahkonen
Northern-Pygmy-Owl-3 by Ed_Nicholles
sbs pygmy by photobug
The cutest by tomnierle
Pygmy_0R8A9245 by rufous
20160917_8732 by kmessmer53
The call by tomnierle
Northern-Pygmy-Owl-1 by Ed_Nicholles
Iguana - it's what's for breakfast by Larry_Khan
Northern Pygmy Owl by michaelmarcoux
Northern Pygmy-Owl 3 by DavidMoore
Pygmy Owl by janetgilmourbaker
Northern Pygmy Owl. by shirleydavis_4618
Northern Pygmy-Owl 2 by DavidMoore
Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl by miketimmons
Little Guy by tgroman
Pygmy Owl Snack (B & W) by Moe_Ali
Eurasian pygmy owl by elisaputti
The Eurasian pygmy owl (Glaucidium passerinum). by ausrazilinskiene
One of the smallest owls in North America; barely larger than a house sparrow, the Northern Pygmy Owl (lifer) can capture prey almost 3 times its size. Uinta National Forest, Utah USA by rickgraham
Northern Pygmy Owl and shrew by michaelmarcoux
Big Winner by Ultra7ca