Flower of fire lilies. by Andrew08
Kalanchoe Pinnata very close up by KristinaOers
Pistils and Stamens by Steve-n-Ning
Little Red Ant  by AZPhotos
Gold by hofhauser
Photo  by MartinaD
Inner World by sallyG11
Red on Wood by inspyred
Lavender Flower by MsJudi
Yellow and red by immaginEmozioni
Garden Columbine 0529 by ThomasJerger
 Safran de Marie : Pistil manipulation P1150859 by CURUTCHET
Flaming orange by AnnuO
Edging Him Out 0114 by ThomasJerger
Pink Lilies by MsJudi
Cruising 0401 by ThomasJerger
Trumpet Calls 0110 by ThomasJerger
Fall Lilly 1109  by ThomasJerger
Just a Red Rose. by Andrew08
Dreamy and soft pink by AnnuO
Purple Tulip Pair 0323 by ThomasJerger
Descent 0605 by ThomasJerger
Flower (July 2017) by efimbirenbaum
Amaryllis (Take 4) by lindagagnon
Natural beauty by Jeccy
The Heart of a Tulip 0330 by ThomasJerger
Full-blown Lily by Shelli-BBPCHGO
Floral Offering 3 0327 by ThomasJerger
Pistils and Petals by rturnbow
Lilac by whiteshipdesign
The Silent Shout 0403 by ThomasJerger
Purple Passion by aprillewis
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