Minster by Charlie67
Temple on the edge by conlot01
Up we go... by soniaclement
High Falls at Rock City by marystory2005
The Wave by James_J
Structure before nature  by Parashayaran
Suspended Sunset by adriansart
Christmas Bridge by mttomimages
Radiance of Light over Canary Wharf by adriansart
Triumphal Arch by annikalayman
Land of Bridges by Phstills
Manmade arches. by Brenda13
Huy's jewel... by soniaclement
Country chapel by soniaclement
Broken mill by MiroslavKral
Forgotten lady by KarenPhotography
Broken bridge by Eveking
Santa Maria de Montserrat by James_J
Sunset Waters  by MarissaJane
Hole in the Ice by serenavsworld
When Man and Nature plays Black and White!!  by urvashi25gupta
WhatcomFallsPark-061-HDRv935v946 by xavierw
On the other side... by soniaclement
Metaphore by jackygrant
Up there...  by soniaclement
Middle Age varnishing... by soniaclement
La Sagrada Familia by James_J
Man-made by bundubasher
Memorial by BPLPhotography
WhatcomFallsPark-024-HDRv950 by xavierw
Manmade by Bart_Sliwecki