Marvelous creature by silviugheorgheionut
Wolf Spider by JohnHPhotography
Jacinthe des bois by Morgan-Lou
cam by mariannedixey
b&w by mirela-balea
glossy lips by olenazaskochenko
Raw Cacao by jodiburke
Running Collaris by EuroBen
Resting Robber Fly by inge_vautrin
Leaf-Cutter Bee by FrancisJTaylor
"The barrier will result in the lighthouse" by Oleksandr
Bigfin Reef Squid Sepioteuthis Lessoniana by moodywoody
Feeding Time by IraklisMakrygiannakis
frozen fly by ptacruz
Daring Jumping Spider by MatthewKou
Butterfly by PaddieGB
A Drop on a Sea of Colour by EmmaMBateman
frozen fly 2 - collapsed eye by ptacruz
Fly - Macro by JakeGriffithsPhotography
Faded Glory by HaliSowle
Sunflower Heart by catherinemelvin
Picking Her Nose by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
A Fly Up Close by inge_vautrin
Lily Untitled by Damon
DSCF3515 by devinjohnstonlee
FISHFULL project  series no. VII by chocovoices
Orchid praying mantis portrait by julie_cavell
Macro by Brothers-Photography
Working Together by MsJudi
Blurry steps ahead by Laila_K
Cotton Cloud by ArtByKharisma
Mantis Portrait by Rob_Lopshire
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