Lion by Komainu85
Stripes by charlesjorg
Predator´s love by thomasretterath
Taking a walk by Darrenp
Cape buffalo cow. by charlesjorg
‘I Dream of Zebra’ by mariaserrano
Eye contact by Simon_eeman
Low key Black and white photo of two male buffalo in the Kruger National Park by christophersalerno
Connection by adrianabrahams
Don't dare to enter by Africa-in-Motion
‘Friends With Benefits’ by mariaserrano
Goliath Heron by grahamgarland
Cheetah Cubs by Komainu85
Messy eater! by Simon_eeman
Snack by leewaynelubbe
Zebra by jeremystevens_3464
Tusk to Tusk by stumac
Enkoveni Lion 22 by Karl-Heinz
Male Impala starring at the camera. by Simon_eeman
Dagger Boy by Darrenp
Baboon And Harmonica! by charlielynam
Leopards Don't Change Their Spots by Yasseen
Leopard Canvas by inXSWildlife
The soul that speaks through the eyes, also kisses with a gaze. by Yasseen
Impala Male - RukiyaImpala Male - Rukiya - Rukiya Camp, Safari 7.2016, South Africa(JHB19297 by KColbyPhotography
sunset among trees by shamsamir
From behind the trees by davidianhiggins
Purple Roller by wildpainter
Painted sunset in Kruger by AnnuO
White lion and me by shamsamir
Great Catch! by WorldPix
Enkoveni Lion 3 by Karl-Heinz
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