trust me insyallah I am convinced for u by putrajambak
IMG_4625 by johndonato
Hands by jamiewood_3960
Two lovers at night. by NineFF
Lunch shenanigans  by FRonaM
Meyer Family {High Resolution} (84) by Wide_Eyed_Girl
#kittylove by robin_ho_fotos
Exploring Love by LiselotteT
The happy ever after love by henrychao
20170129_151536-1 by memoriegalarneau
The smile of love. by davidwakelam
Rhythm of love by alienstets
Love is bigger than us all. It is the most powerful act in this world. by jallison
Innocent love  by DiMarinoPhotography
My World by Sabyasachi1090
IMG_0525-3 by ShubhamVM
Angela & Patrick2016 by AndreaV4
Christmas 2016 3781 by monicagower
Forever by NatasaZR
Sunset Lovers by melodyart
Lovers in the Field by DonCahanap
IMG_0314-2 by ShubhamVM
Kiss by anderel
Forever Love by Ofeliabrito
Long distance love by nathalielayalitanguay
justlove by vahidmoeini
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