St. George's Cathedral by yuzefe
Polka Dot Scarf by Chiaroscurist
Mika in window by MaksDikarev
Crazy Self with Leica CL by Chiaroscurist
World in my Eyes by RickB500
View From My Roof 1992 by Radiorocky
Under The Bridge by lindenkingston
"In my intellectual armor, I deflect all criticism and deny all emotion. With my regrets behind me, I balance love with duty and fail at both."  Ivory Tower:  This was one of the very first formal shots taken with my (brand new to me) Mamiya RZ6 by jimmyklane
 A city strawl by XanderDB
- Johanna - by tom_a_findahl_0381
Eden by suiciderock
quiet time by Shootswithcoops
Bare Expression by danielchiaroscuristsikorskyi
flow by Shootswithcoops
Foggy Mountain Morning by Randy_Davidson
close shave by Shootswithcoops
No More Noodles by manuelfish
Tied-Up by PaulBurbidge
Portia film by MichaelGarton
Mood od decadence by MOZEL
Happy by manuelfish
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