Anna by mattbelshaw
Pip the Miner 3 by ColinDixonPhotography
Whisky N’ Coke by Miffta
The Figure in the Mirror by kierankerrigan
Locked Out by keilasdad
Pip the miner 2 by ColinDixonPhotography
Rays of a past by Svetlana_Sewell
Chain Link by gregoryschultz
Vanishing Point by GregFaster
Tracks by adavies
Pip the Miner 3 by ColinDixonPhotography
Toil and Trouble by SpokeninRed
Rusty Knob by MLanceDavis
Old Machine Shop by keilasdad
By the glow by sosayweall
Castello bw by clausolsen
Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.......... by johannesgpatricks
From the streets by chancesunknown
Grunge by Enamorada
Grim Future by kierankerrigan
IH and Apples by dianadowhower
Grimy  by JessicaNichole
Pip the Miner 1 by ColinDixonPhotography
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