IMG_8103 by carolynmurray_1133
Rig Life by shanedavid
IMG_6622 by carolynmurray_1133
IMG_5822 by carolynmurray_1133
10F87E5D-BD26-46B2-8CEE-746DA0AC503B by Poohpg
The day before the evacuation  by Stacymarie2018
Moon by carolynmurray_1133
Sunset over the oil sands by Jean12
Nothing beats a northern sunset by denisenorman
Watersports by denisenorman
IMG_7044_sunset seen from MacDonald Island, Fort McMurray by chatblues
Sunset at Gregoire Lake by janinegumbrill
30 years of stuff by Stacymarie2018
Whooping Crane by denisenorman
Northern Lights and Family by denisenorman
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