Medicci Skylight by vibrantshot
Florence, Italy at Sunset by MadameMadFish
Duomo di Firenze by Samuk
The cathedral of Florence by livioferrari
Sunset over the Arno River, Florence, Italy by AMills
Ponte Vecchio Reflection by kenrhodes
The Rape of Polyxena by Jbarre
Rape of the Sabine Women by Jbarre
Florence Night by Jbarre
Florence  by Jbarre
Arno reflection redux by albyn
Ancient and modern art by livioferrari
Under the Old Bridge by volkmer
Locks in Florence by Jbarre
Duomo by Belfastgirl
Ponte Vecchio by oksanavashchuk
Florence by ventenni
Tuscan Wine Country by ericcriswell
Birds by riccardobellorini
Like a Bridge over Troubled Water by ericcriswell
Florence Duomo by ericcriswell
The Duomo, Florence by Stephen-Blake-Photography
Nightfall by volkmer
Reflecting il Duomo by RubenSeca
Santa Maria del Fiore - Firenze, Italy by stevethomson
Il Duomo, Firenze, Italy by scottsinclair
A Golden River (Florence) by Charltonb
Town by riccardobellorini
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