If someone were to ask me what my favorite part about shooting HS seniors is, I may have to say the expression of sports. I love the artistic freedom that comes with it and, well...who doesn't love artistic freedom right?  by LiveInspiredByBrenda
*** by vitaliymytnik
S by maxsolve
Katia hanging around by designpictures
The Fight by Andreas_Voigt
What to Do by DirkC
baby you can drive my car by SHOTBYViT
Alejandra - Studio Session in Black and White by Barranco
Overheated by AftermathGraphicART
on the pier by AlexLove
Flying in Black and White by Montethephotographer
Amy by AudraOden
Urban fitness by socreative
Your reality has no place here by bryanmaes
Strong by bradbuddphotography
Yoga Sunset by knoxphoto
It's Summertime... by JDesjardins
Water by bryxter
CALVIN model: Hannah  by Helloimruss
Upward downward dog by ericsf7
Pole Fitness by fightthelight
In a field in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern by briancann
Evie by mattbelshaw
Fitness by alexmoldovan
Flame by YevgeniyRepiashenko
S by maxsolve
Photo  by ac_photo
Yes! by tomasorihuela
Deborah John  by AudraOden
Shadow boxing by babbphotography
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