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No one in the world can love a girl more than her father. -Michael Ratnadeepak by kapuschinsky
Sticking Close by charlotterhodes
The Cracked Man and his Grandchildren by kimayres
LAS TEODORAS by RamonZabala
Love blooms in Spring by taralokey
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Christmas Card Baby Punt by DigitalMacdaddy
Warm Heads, Cool Days by ErichKurt
Model in the making by ClearLifePhotography
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Dr. Philip & Teri Crane by Terryh57
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Newborn  by Nicolascrown
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selfie by stevenporch
Family is Everything by Child_Expressions
My Moe Bug by keeley15lf
Baby Face by kolbyskid
Untitled. by Redvanda
Trace, Briony and monkey by johnward_9734
Photo  by paulthomas1966
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