closer by spARTiat_de
Morning seal by AnjaRobanke
RED by spARTiat_de
Chilling Gaze by steffoto
Sweet Friends by suzymead
In My Garden by wenchejostad
Living In My Garden by wenchejostad
hat & hair by thedesigner
The Norwegian Bear after a Swim by wenchejostad
“Beauty is the purest feeling of the soul. Beauty arises when soul is satisfied.” ― Amit Ray by wenchejostad
Deer in the forest by AnjaRobanke
Phooey, Family Dog. by rosiecole
Tiger watch out spot by AnjaRobanke
Oh Deer  by AnjaRobanke
Feeding time by daniel_munch
Portrait by Dpadilla
Abby by patsypicfxwolfe
Indian eagle owl by mudaye
old man portrait  by pranishanrajbhandari
Eye contact by lukasschfer
Eyecontact by dnvl
Portrait of a fox by jacquidavey
DSC_0287 (2) by TekRajAslami
Out of place. by liesadavies
The Giraffe Woman by Elledbphotography
goat eyecontact by christinasoelberg
Cat by xeniaololo
Cheetah Portrait by tynn23
Moose-A Gentle Giant by JestePhotography
Portrait of Young Girl on Wind Swept Beach, 3 Mile Beach, Northwestern Most Tip of Washington State Along the Pacific Ocean by ciaobellafoto
look up! by Digimmy
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