Taj Sodality by roopakhurana
Campfire Tales by MelissaRRussell
HOME by disneymamom
Up for Eternal Life by cathyintx
Nap time with Momma by jrlowe14
A hand holding up a heart of stone, isolated on black background. by Sorin_Opreanu
Love Symbol by rockofages
Eternal Love by Shackman
Eternal Spring Shrine by aaronchoiphoto
IMG_5559 by OfBrian
Badlands Eternal by AWAAphotos
Sleeping Sun by OriginalCin
A BEAUTIFUL LADY by Chicagotreasure
Those Caring Hands by VipinBaloni
The love of womanhood by wallacepelesasa
Eternal flame by SteveCrampton
Ogniten- Lord of the East by stamat
Ogniten- Lord of the East by stamat
Living Water by Creativeyes
Eternal Marriage! by wallacepelesasa
War memorial by jarretharvey
Dreamy Dusk in Cleveland. Cleveland Gray Series III, Around Downtown. no. 2. by Lachaka
Space of bubbles by sanjatoi
Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance Eternal Flame. Only the flame is colour, the rest of the photo is black and white by rodbolt
Feeling small facing the majestic nature by MBphotographybiz
Realm of Eternal Time by FurImmerUndEwig
Rome, Saint Peter's Cathedral, Saint Angelo bridge on Tevere river  by dimowat
Forever by deborahesquer
Just Missed loving you by MsBri
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