Elephant infant holding tail by GPetrie
Mother and Son by Jannba
A Mother's Embrace by abigailshirley
Rainfall on the Serengeti by HarryC
Elephant and mother by stephenvictorthomson
Baby Elephant by KaroKrauzPhotography
Elephant mother and child having a tender moment by andrevondeling
Elephant fun with the kiddies by LizC
Desert Elephant mother and baby by berniemazor
baby elephant4 by KaroKrauzPhotography
How does my trunk function by Gruphey
Wrinkled beauty  by kevintaylor
Learning to Drink by karenlewis_3354
Elephant mother and calf by huwddu
Baby Elephant by KaroKrauzPhotography
Baby Elephant drinking water by Gruphey
_MG_1444 by KaroKrauzPhotography
Mother by ShanonymousCreations
Mother & Child, best bond  by DivinityByNatasha
Mother and Son by Jawatson12
Mom and baby African Elephant seen at Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania, Africa by Dcrisp
Elephant Family by MythicHippo
Mother and Daughter by carlnield
following mother's footsteps by sagarsagarboruah
An African Dream by ShaunLeePhoto
Sisterly Protection by Gruphey
Baby Elephant mud bath by Gruphey
Beauty in Wisdom by Mattagraphs
Mother and Calf by DCRobson
That Wild Hunger by mim001122
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