Mama Elly Taking Care of Her Babe by KayBrewer
Young Elephant Playing in a Puddle by KayBrewer
Elephant in dust by ollchi_xx
Hoping It's A Mock Charge by KayBrewer
A Protective Mama Elephant With Calf in Black and White by KayBrewer
Familys Are Like Fudge - Mostly Sweet With A Few Nuts by Yasseen
It's Twins! by KayBrewer
Elephants Drill for Water by KayBrewer
Mud Bath by KayBrewer
Orange Elephants! by wildpainter
Elephant Cow and Calf by nicenfreshphotos
Safe in the shadows! by wildpainter
Elephant Mom and Calf by dereckhindry
Family by CathyWithers-Clarke
Family Time by charlotterhodes
Elizabeth - young life by fionaruthetkin
Young Elizabeth  by fionaruthetkin
Smaller giants by jonste
New Beginnings  by isabellanunns
Fluffy by AaydeR
Mom and daughter by OzkanOzmen
Elephant mother and calf by huwddu
Elephant and calf by joankleynhans
Splish Splash Mud Bath! by ChandraBrooks
Mother love by Nolprods
Mother Nature  by ShootatSight
Engage reverse by rwwest
Asian Elephant Calf by LauraDavey
Elephant walk! by wildpainter
Stockings by lucasratengmboya
Elizabeth - up close and personal! by fionaruthetkin
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