F-16 by rossintx
Sunset over the Muttart by labels_30
Triathlon Start by huwddu
Edmonton Downtown Skyline by mrlarrys
Witchblade by mattspeight
 new bridge by VladDzavik
After years of self-doubt and two failed auditions, Jimmy finally got his chance to do his world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa impersonation on "Kruger's got Talent". Yellow billed hornbill by GeraintI
Spring Mirror by candicemacmillan
The White Stripes...Or Are They Black?! by PhotoJunkiesAB
Ukrainian Village by candicemacmillan
The Guinea Turaco, otherwise known as the Green Turaco. Native to West and Central Africa. I like his old school punk rock mohawk.  by GeraintI
Trio by darrylpropp
Ukrainian Church by candicemacmillan
Farm Shack by Grant_Richardson
Tiger Lily by rossintx
Bridge by labels_30
Watching the sun sink beyond the marina. Editor's Note: None of these boats are mine.  by GeraintI
Alone in the world by Art-hax
"Mommy & Me" by PhotoJunkiesAB
Eclipse  by Belfastgirl
Tattoos and Doorways by PhotoJunkiesAB
Partner in Crime by PhotoJunkiesAB
Wayne Gretzky by Belfastgirl
Wedding Giggles by PhotoJunkiesAB
Pacific 107 by roymac
Icecastle by dahliasloan
Winter Cityscape by keltycoburn
The View Today by ThroughJsLens
Dressed in White by Sa-Sa