chocolate meets autumn by stadthunde-erfurt
Hello Winter  by annegeier
Cali 8 weeks old <3 by Jeanettelandoy
sleeping by sabrinawob
Mailo by sabrinawob
My little LEEP by ClaudioPiccoli
First snow by CreativeArtView
sitting like a bear! by Jeanettelandoy
catch the treat by CreativeArtView
Trick or Treat?  by annegeier
Finnick is One by Jmjgu05
and action by sabrinawob
It's raining again :) by ClaudioPiccoli
chodsky pes in the forest by Jeanettelandoy
Murphy by ChocolateDog
only flying is better by CreativeArtView
Bubbles  by CreativeArtView
"Indian Summer" by majalesar
Photo  by Lieblingstier-Fotografie
Longest tongue by Lieblingstier-Fotografie
Naturewalk by stadthunde-erfurt
Fun in the snow by luciachan
Guiness by dasBildprojekt
Flying Paco <3 by ClaudioPiccoli
Morning walk  by jaccovanson
Happy :-) by CreativeArtView
- puppy -  by annegeier
The Gang by ChocolateDog
Coffee <3 by ClaudioPiccoli
Betty Boop by sabrinawob
Goodnight world  by giuliacibrario
Shy? by sabrinawob
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