Vietnamese Cattle Drive by fredstein
Wisconsin Old Barn 11 by MsJudi
Grass Fed by markcote
Wisconsin Weathered Red Barn by MsJudi
Cattle Egret  by MaggieClaire
Raising an eyebrow... by Merlot
Birds pick some fur from a Highlands Cattle.       by Lukekat
Windmill. by Bruizaphoto
Ankole by tmtburke
Moooo.....have a great day by Merlot
The Homecoming by nina050
Young Bison by fotosdenada
Just been nosey by simonparry
Watch Over The Herd by knoxphoto
Highlander by roryturnbull
Countryside Sunset by knoxphoto
Highland cattle grazing on Exmoor by artursomerset
NIK_4886_1 by toddmatthewarbini
Cattle Egret - Maui by frankosphotography
Moove by JustinBedford
Highland breed by tommysmith_9536
sürü by feyzullahtun
Homestead by RoryBarr
Alpine Grazing - Switzerland by Steve_Thomas
Cattle Sunset by tesniward
A Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) takes flight as mate watches from nest by tonybruguiere
 Tanzanian Buffalo by Kaceoo
Cattle egret  by tmtburke
Hand-fed by SaraHadenfeldt
Bullock by Eyeteeth
landscape by enriquekapie
Highland cow at rest by derektherev