Spent the day checking out all of Melbourne’s street art, there is a lot of talent around the lane ways. . All shot on Canon 60D ISO 100 f-1.8 50mm Varying shutter by Lastavica
Brooklyn Bridge by neerajnema
Brooklyn Bound by neerajnema
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow by Malex
Manhattan Bound by neerajnema
Perched by neerajnema
Lily by Malex
Manhattan Bridge by neerajnema
Wings of Desire by neerajnema
People are even more difficult by Malex
Up on the Brooklyn Bridge by fotogurl350
Earth,wind&fire by Malex
Emily by neerajnema
Farewell to autumn by Malex
Kendo fighter by Malex
Alma mater by Malex
A red giant by Malex
Breakfast of Champion by Malex
A small tragedy-4 by Malex
Mimicry by Malex
Clayton Scott Field - Renton, WA by stiggy
White and fluffy by Malex
Mantis by Malex
Tiffany by neerajnema
How glad I am to see you, old friend! by Malex
[Tasmania] Richmond Bridge by mrpayner
Street lights. by Malex
Six legs, two antennas by Malex
World through the lens | IMG_2077 e by PeterpanW
Light purple in rock by Malex
Twilight Bird by Malex
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