Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) on the fist of a falconer by johannesoehl
The old city tower by Just-Agnes
Greek Goddess by johannesoehl
The Diva by johannesoehl
My parasol by johannesoehl
Rough Stone by johannesoehl
st olaf's church by jorma
94th Regiment of Foot c1800s by Kyte
Cowardly Steed by rturnbow
Middle Ages House by CleusaSiqueira
Castle Mistress by johannesoehl
Natural Dragon drinking water from the river by hrachess
Entrance to the  Abbey of Gellone (Monochrome) by johannesoehl
Seven Elephants Get a Drink by Take2Foto
river Molochcha by alexey_gorshenin
Colmar Alley by AdirahsEyes
Cross Wave by AdirahsEyes
castle of the bavarian king by alexey_gorshenin
House of Brahe by AlvenmodFoto
Church of Castelo Rodrigo by afonsochabyrosa
Fairy Flautist by rturnbow
Side View by AdirahsEyes
Floating castle by IamAleks
Medieval portrait by Saragabriels
Out of this world fashion shoot by Skorphoto
All for One by rturnbow
MIDDLE AGES MAN by davedise
cozy evening in old Moscow by alexey_gorshenin
Mists of Avalon by marcpelletier
Marienplatz Clock Tower by AdirahsEyes
Well-Worn by AdirahsEyes