Two Friends by KatePurdy
 Mustang Stallion Chasing Filly by johnboland
Black Mustang by LindaGordon
Ghost: wild horse by pjkaszas
Wild Horses in Northern Nevada know how to stand with their heads held high. by micahtriplett
3-2 by Dan_Kinghorn
Wild Trio-2 by Dan_Kinghorn
Power Struggle by kimarawilhite
Getting put in your place by KeithEvansPhotography
Standing Watch by RumbaughPhoto
all alone by tonyaustin
Flying on Water by pauleskew
Mountain Mustangs  by johnboland
Wild horses by mugurelcm
 Stallion and Mares at Sunrise by johnboland
Wild Horses in the Green Desert by dcnick96
Yearlings by TASmileyPhotos
White-tailed Trogon by JPavani
Black-crested Antshrike  (Choca-de-crista-preta) by JPavani
Don’t Bug Me  by pauleskew
wild horses by Nats6
For the Love of Wild Horses  by jeannebencichnations
Four Mustangs  by johnboland
 Running Mustangs by johnboland
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Shy Family by NaturesBounty
Grazing by jessicacathrinesantos
My World... by lolitart
Spotted Gray at the Salt River by ruthjolly
Sunset with the Wild Ones by KatePurdy
IMG_5543 -1 by bud82520
Wild horses enduring the rain by marygallo