Pesky Ravens never leave an Eagle youngster in peace by janmartin_2127
Aaron Peirsol by HughBerenger
Red Heels by Florida_Bandit
Wedgetailed Eagle 2 by garysissons
Zorro, The wedge tailed eagle by Melstar1980
11363 trestle support by geoffcaddy
Grape, cheese and figs with a glasses of red and white wine on white background. copy by yuliiamazurkevych
My paradise  ...  Central Australia Wedge-tailed Eagle dreaming by janmartin_2127
Wedge. At size. by sethberger
Wedge Tail Eagle by pwop
Another take off by The Orange Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) Youngster  by janmartin_2127
Wedgies in Black & White by MichelleGardner66
Wedge Tailed Eagle by nicolejenkins
Wedge-tailed Eagle youngster running take-off by janmartin_2127
Dezāto by adamgould
Just Strolling By... by ladysaltfire
My wish for you 2018  ...  happy new year  by janmartin_2127
The Wedge-tailed Eagle ... Crop number 1 off the Original shot.  by leckie45
Surfer at "The Wedge" by JoseMatutina
WedgeTail Eagle by Chewstar
Landing for food by rachaelasbury
Wedge Rock at Turkey Run by KennethKeifer
Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) by janmartin_2127
Enjoying The Scenery by ladysaltfire
Ice Growth  by marcmeadows
Wedge-tailed Eagle portrait  by janmartin_2127
Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle by robcinoz
Female Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) portrait by janmartin_2127
Following The Bread Crumb Trail by ladysaltfire
The Magic Hour by bengomezphoto