Wedge-tailed Eagles in sunset light by janmartin_2127
Nictitating Membrane by Melstar1980
Eagle Silhouette by roarphoto
Camouflage.. by MizApril
The Orange Youngster Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) by janmartin_2127
Close.....Wedge-tailed Eagle by Torobeam
Pushing To The Head of the Line by ladysaltfire
Black & Gold Heels by Florida_Bandit
Wedge-tailed Eagle portrait  by janmartin_2127
Wedge Tailed Eagle by MelannPhotography
Clear Skies by JillMa2sh21
The Wedge Show by HughBerenger
Wedge-tailed Eagle youngster at play by janmartin_2127
Wedge Tail Eagle  by AndreaELPhotography
IMG_6889 by darrellrobertson
Mushroom Cheesecake by robertmeyerslussier
Wedge-tailed Eagle's practice fighting in the air.  by roarphoto
Big Surf at the Wedge in Newport Beach by AnnetteCPhotography
Body Boarder At The Wedge by FilmAndPixels
Whistling Kite with food by roarphoto
Wedge by Fishead
Wait your turn! by janmartin_2127
Photo  by HughBerenger
design photography Ballarat by bkeating
The Nut-brown Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) youngster by janmartin_2127
Wedge tail Eagle by SHELBY23
Photo  by JenelleM
Wedge tail eagle by moobysue
The Pale-golden Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) Youngster by janmartin_2127
Wait your turn! by janmartin_2127
Moving the carrion by janmartin_2127