Sad Frog by ladysaltfire
Flamingo by MelanieThorne
Majestic Waterbird - Amazing Webbed Feet by lindaraeharrocks
Softshell turtle by grandmaof7
sunrise in desert by nakul
Tiny Frog by garycox1
Climbing Up After a Mosquito by ladysaltfire
The Little Duckling by dizzyd
 Almost Hidden by ladysaltfire
Hurricane Survivor by outobreth
Stuck Like Glue by ladysaltfire
Lace-webbed spider (Amaurobius fenestralis) by Oxyuranus
Food on the go, feeling peckish  by Happy_huskies
Gull Feet by xMandyBx
White Ducks by rosiecole
Quack Quack....foot? by suzswanson
Photo  by M_Blake
Love is.....Quackers by SDPhotographyHull
frog by davideventura
Just flying through by mobes
Toadingly Loving the Rain by ladysaltfire
Gull Feet by xMandyBx
Frog by garycox1
My, What Long Legs He Has! by ladysaltfire
Egyptian Geese (Alopochen aegyptiacus) by phil_bird
Three's A Crowd by kevinhubbard
Quietly Waitng His Turn by ladysaltfire
Duck Feet by minn1234
Hand Fed by ladysaltfire
So Sleepy by ladysaltfire
Webbed Berries by _chazk