The wizard. by DanK
Daylight Turns and Runs by Wayne-Stadler-Photography
Patrick... Homeless and Human by Beno62
autumn barn by aimeemcmasterphotography
Secret door of 1764 by ingomenhard
The Worth of Gold by Wayne-Stadler-Photography
Classic car in a barn by uniquephotoarts
Road to Aguirre Springs by Kitsea
miles to go by Svanire
All Aboard...! by mcampi
Saturna Island Dock by jameswheeler
The Thomas Barn by KendraKPK
Sunburst in the Mail-Order House by KendraKPK
Alone by EduardMoldoveanu
Muddled by rturnbow
Dawn at Sugerloaf Rock. by PeterEvans23
Essence of Life - 1 by DanaCarruthers
Timed Out Tragedy by Wayne-Stadler-Photography
Retired and Forgotten by tikidianne
Texture and Color by lyoungs1023
Weathered and Worn by MsJudi
Old Washoe Corral 2 by tikidianne
Dorset Door Cornwall. by juliebyrnewzwaters
IMG_3021a by twinborg
Old Washoe Corral 3 by tikidianne
Weathered by MatW
Dredge by ManuKeggenhoff
Rustic Rooftops by MsJudi
Simple things. by DanK
Blacksmith by dynastesgranti
Gated by Captain_Yes