GC as Psylocke by FightGuyPhoto
Kratos at SDCC by TravisTendo
Paddlewheel graveyard by MontanaMottlyPhotos
Missile Quad by rturnbow
Direct Descendant of Chief Ten Bears by AlienMoonBaby
Airplane 05 by WGBN
Cannons by carolyncarter
Anchors Away by kimichel81874
Protection over Old Quebec City by PeteSavagePhotos
Peace Through Superor Firepower by EmoryRandolph
Sig P210 by kenkast2
Period Weapon by michaelsawyers
Lonesome Warrior by sudiptanarayandas
Old iron by robertcauty
Ammo on the dash by Chuckysphotography--EK
About Faces by DeniluxPhotography
Photo  by JuanGiraldo
Combined Operations by derekcdonsworth
Alexander the Great by ykd
AR-15 by JeremyMcG
i'm a soldier by tim_hauser_110
20190428__Old Time Rifles at An Poitin Stil-0125SE01 by jdmarks64
Harpers Ferry WV by 1Peter510
On Duty by kierankerrigan
war is over by NFDI
Fayette County Courthouse Canon by BigCPhotography
Wonder Women - Ilyana by FightGuyPhoto
Midnight Salad by TrevorBlakePhotography
Amazon Queen 3 by adrianchinery
P1060686 by shlomolevi