Sunrise at the Dead Sea by bmeiri
Apparition by johanlb
The Obelisk, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane by petercaban
Structural Remains Of A Railway Passenger Car  by Littlebit
High Rise by geopapa
The Wave by NielsFahrenkrogPhoto
A long time ago by AnneDphotography
Monument Valley by LeanneMWilliams
Holocaust Memorial, Berlin by dirkrichter
westminster bridge by philbailey
Lost in museum by Nadinerotrasper
Songs of the Setting Sun by phil1
Final adjustments by davidbasson
Structures by eelcovanroden
Steel Mountain by cLJphotos
Pancake Rocks by sallyG11
Lookout Tower by stephens1140
Covered Bridge, Littleton, NH by BGoodsellPhotography
Roundabout by geopapa
old and abandoned  by AnneDphotography
Downtown by joycerector
Glade Creek Gristmill by JennaJGruda
THe Heights of Berlin by mjollnir
Paris City of Love by Kaceoo
Iconic images in an iconic city, NY.  by stephenbraunginn
Dawns Fire by adriansart
Afterglow_B&W by geopapa
Venerable by geopapa
George Washington Bridge by peterz72
City Lights by geopapa
Sad lady by JayLawler