Bugsy by aliceloder
Autumn Puppy by sabrinawob
Puppy in Action by sabrinawob
Spaniel at play by Scott34
Bliss & Skylar by doggietalesphoto
sleeping by sabrinawob
"Max" by jameshare
"TY" by SteveMcMillan
Dog In The Snow by krystiangacek
Bat-puppy by Kerry_Zim
Ralph The Snow Cocker by SOVisualSam
Spaniel & ball  by janehodges
''My best mate'' by jameshare
"TY" in Black and White by SteveMcMillan
Jack the crazy Cocker Spaniel Puppy by dasBildprojekt
Sean Gannon - Gannon Studios by seangannon
"Ty" by SteveMcMillan
Splashy Walk  by SOVisualSam
Felix the dog by Tristansalomon
Springing Spaniel by Wrig90
Sad spaniel by fatfoxphotography
Jump To It by charlotterhodes
French Spaniel-43 by michelbissonnette
Portrait of a Friend by RobinV
Puppy Kisses ! by MikeW
Harry by lennydavey
Golden Boy by RobinV
How dare you leave me with these bills? by harts830
French Spaniel-39 by michelbissonnette
Sit With Me by SOVisualSam
Wet and proud of it by francescalees
Poppy with Foam Ball by ripleym78